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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Sarah Catterall


Steak, egg and Chips. Sarahs favourite plate of food artisticially represented in a pendant of silver, gold and brass. A reversible piece with detail of the griddled (oxidised lines) steak and egg (gold) yolk on one side with a plain reverse which is undetailed.

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Marble Surface

Edible England

Marble Surface

Food Stories

8 Years old, walking on Wincobank Hill in Sheffield.

I picked lots of Blackberries. Not having a bag, I carried them home in the skirt of my dress.

I thought my Mam and Nan would be pleased, and make a crumble - They weren't pleased at all!

My dress was ruined!

I remember my Mum making newspaper cones, putting sugar in them and sending us up the garden to pick rhubarb sticks, we dipped them in the sugar and ate them on the spot! Delicious!

Helping my Nan make 100's of newspaper tubes to use to pot on seedlings for Grandads allotment.

Very tricky (when young) cutting strips of newspaper the width of a toilet roll tube and commence to wrap the paper strips around the tubes to make the 'pot' which was then folded at the bottom and stacked in a tray and filled with compost ready for seedlings to be transferred into - this was a nightly ritual in spring.

Pea pod picking for dinner - pick one eat 0ne - pick ywo eat two!

Helping Grandad pull the Tati plants and then digging for treasure.

Making jam with the last pick of the strawbeeries - I was head sugar adder and taster!

Proper rice pudding - that took a day to make - adding milk occasionally and the obligatory tasting.

Head gravy maker  - tasked with mixing the flour and oxo cubes then adding water (tati water of course) then stirring constantly to avaoid lumpy gravy.I still make my gravy like this now - no Bisto in our house.

Proper ham bit sandwiches at Grandads.

Ice cream and magic choolate sauce - the sauce turned into hard chocolate once chilled by the icecream, it felt like a little bit of magic. Ice cream was even served from a proper scoop - not a bendy spoon!

Fighting over who got the bits - Yorkshire pudding bits that got stuck to the bottom of the pan - the best bits.

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